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At Foster Electrical Services we offer a cost-effective solution based on quality, service and professionalism. We have the expertise and experience to provide an on-time on-budget, quality electrical installation for your new home.

A fully qualified electrician. We are Stroma registered and part p qualified to undertake all new build electrical installations. We offer free no obligation quotations and our work will be comprehensively certified. Are range of new build electrical installation services including:

• Full wiring of electrics
• Garden and ornamental lighting
• Security and flood lighting
• Electric showers
• Connection to heating systems and boilers
• Electric boilers, radiator, storage heating & under floor heating
• Testing and inspection certificates for grants & mortgages
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Fuse Box Upgrades - The fusebox is the engine of your electrical installation. It protects all the different circuits from overloading the wiring and causing major problems. Your fusebox is there to help prevent fires and prevent electrocution.

Older fuse boxes used a piece of fuse wire between two blades that needed replacing every time there was a short circuit. Often these old wired fuses are found in electrical installations and are due for an upgrade now. If you have a fuse box like those shown on the right you could benefit from an upgrade to a new modern consumer unit (fuse box) with circuit breakers instead of fuses and an RCD trip to disconnect the supply in the case of a fault.



Benefits of a New Modern Fuse box

A new modern fuse box greatly decreases the risk of fire in the house due to its ability to detect wiring faults and disconnect the electricity before any heat builds up.

A very common accident with an old fuse box is where a mower cuts through the flex while cutting the lawn. In most cases this will not cause the fuse to blow in the plug and therefore leaves the cut end of the flex live. If the user then inadvertently picks up the bare end they can receive a fatal electric shock or be badly shaken and burnt.

RCD's: Modern fuseboxes incorporate RCD's (Residual Current Device), a safety device designed to protect against personal electric shock. These trip when a circuit overloads, protecting the wiring from burning out and your family from nasty electrical shocks.
Circuit Breakers: In the event of an electrical wiring fault the circuit breakers will trip whereas in the old type of fusebox there is the potential that the electricity supply would stay connected until a fire occurs. The built in circuit breakers will trip within 40 millionths of a second if you accidentally touch any live cables, this will save the life of the person touching them.

Fuseboxes can be installed with a number of options, for example...
• Dedicated fridge circuits
• Dedicated intruder alarm circuits
• Shower circuit
• External garage circuit
• Any circuit for your specific needs

Foster Electrical Services use only the latest Eaton Consumer Units with an electrical condition report covering your installation for 10 years. Make use of our current 20% promotion by quoting code FB1016.

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A new modern fuse box greatly decreases the risk of fire in the house due to its ability to detect wiring faults and disconnect the electricity before any heat builds up.