Can solar panels charge my electric vehicle?

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to power your vehicle with the sun?

With the increasing popularity of renewable energy sources paired with soaring energy prices, it’s no surprise that people are turning to solar power to charge their cars.

By using solar panels to pull energy to your car charging station, you could save money on recharging your EV while also being able to use the excess energy at a later date using solar battery storage.

What do I need to charge my vehicle?

An EV Charging Station – This will be required to ensure you can charge your electric vehicle. These charging stations can come in different types, which will effect the speed of the charge.

We would recommend either type 2 (these stations require a dedicated electrical circuit and are often used for public charging at commercial locations or at home) or type 3 charging stations (these provide high-voltage direct current (DC) to the car’s battery, allowing it to charge at a rate of up to 80% in as little as 30 minutes)

A type 2 charging station will likely provide a good balance of electricity required and speed of charge.

Solar Panels – Of course, you don’t need solar panels in order to install an EV charger. But they can certainly help cut down the amount of electricity required from the grid. By using the solar energy generated by solar panels, you can create clean, sustainable power for your EV charging.

Solar Storage Battery – By having a solar storage battery installed, you’re not limited to when you can use the power created by your solar panels. You can store the excess energy generated and use it for other applications in your home such as lighting or showering, or you can save it for when your EV needs the next charge.

Solar storage battery installation
A residential solar battery storage installed for one of our customers

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Why use solar panels to charge my EV?

Cost –

There are several benefits to using solar panels to charge your electric vehicle. As touched upon above, the cost of electricity is significantly reduced or eliminated altogether, which can lead to significant savings for EV owners.

Sustainability –

Solar energy is also a renewable and clean energy source that does not emit any greenhouse gases or harmful pollutants, making it a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice for powering EV chargers.

Energy Independence –

Solar-powered EV charging stations can operate independently of the grid, which can be especially important in areas where grid electricity is unreliable or unavailable.

And if you’re a business…

Marketing advantage –

EV charging stations can provide a unique marketing advantage for businesses and organizations that prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility, attracting environmentally-conscious customers and employees.

What factors do I need to consider before using solar panels?

When using solar panels to power your EV charger, there are several factors to consider first to ensure it’s the right solution for you.

For example, the size of your roof as size of the solar panel system will impact the amount of energy that can be generated and the charging speed of the car.

A larger solar panel system will generate more electricity and charge the car faster than a smaller system.

You need to consider whether your house or business’ roof is shaded, as the amount of sunlight available in the location where the solar panels are installed will impact the amount of energy that can be generated. Areas with more sunlight will obviously generate more electricity than areas with less sunlight.

You can read more below about the suitability of solar panels for your home:


In conclusion, using solar panels to power EV chargers can provide numerous benefits, including cost savings and environmental sustainability.

By carefully considering and selecting a solar panel system that meets your needs it is possible to create an effective and efficient solar-powered EV charging system that can help reduce the reliance on non-renewable energy sources and promote sustainable transportation.

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