How can Solar Storage Batteries save me money?

Did you know you can make use of solar energy that you’re not using by storing it in solar batteries?

Solar Panels are becoming increasingly attractive options for cutting energy spend during these unpredictable times, with the added benefits of being clean. But you have to use the power straight away or it will be lost. That is, unless, you have solar battery storage.

Solar Panels installed by Foster Electrical Service come with solar storage batteries as standard.

Solar storage battery installation
A solar storage battery installed for one of our customers

What is a solar storage battery?

A solar storage battery is an added piece of equipment which pairs up with your solar panels, which allows you to store excess electricity that your solar panels generate.

The larger the battery, the more electricity it can store, and the larger the benefit – but the higher the installation cost.

How does a solar storage battery work?

When solar panels are hit by sunlight, they turn this resource into electricity. When your home is fully powered, any excess energy obtained through the solar panels is routed to the charge the battery.

When the sun goes down and your solar panels stop producing energy it’ll be time for your solar battery to provide you with the electricity it has stored.

This will happen automatically, with your solar panels and battery seamlessly working in unison so you won’t need to worry about switching the battery storage on manually.

How long will a solar storage battery last?

Like with solar panels, solar storage batteries do not require expensive on-going maintenances. They will usually come with multiple-year warranties going up to 10-15 years.

Solar storage batteries do have to go through daily charging and draining cycles, which will eventually wear them out. They will typically cost around £1200-£6000 to replace, depending on the unit.

How much does a solar storage battery cost?

The amount you’ll pay will depend on the size of your solar array, as well as the battery’s type and brand. The majority of solar storage batteries are in the region of £2,500-£6,000.

Foster Electrical can provide you with a full cost breakdown through a solar panel installation quotation or survey.

What are the benefits of solar storage batteries?

  • Store and use excess electricity which will cut your energy bills
  • You can use this stored electricity when you need it most, i.e. in a power cut
  • Reduce dependence on the national grid

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