Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels – Explained

Protecting your solar panels is important because it ensures they continue to work efficiently and effectively.

By ‘pigeon proofing’ (or bird protecting) your solar panels, you can stop pests from damaging your solar panels to ensure a return on investment. In this blog, we’ll explain what pigeon proofing is and the benefits it brings to solar panels.

What is pigeon proofing?

Pigeon proofing for solar panels is a process that involves installing guards and spikes around your solar panels to prevent pigeons from roosting on them.

This helps to protect your panels from potential damage caused by the birds and droppings. The guards and spikes also help to keep leaves, twigs, and other debris from accumulating on the panels, which can reduce their efficiency.

Pigeon proofing is an effective way to keep your solar panels safe and working optimally.

pigeon proof solar panels

What are the benefits to pigeon proofing solar panels?

Pigeon proofing solar panels helps to protect them from damage caused by birds or other pests. This can help to reduce maintenance costs and extend the lifespan of the panels.

Damage to solar panels can also reduce their ability to generate electricity, leading to decreased energy production and higher electricity bills.

Birds and pests can cause shade on the solar panels, which can reduce their efficiency. Pigeon proofing helps to keep the panels clear of any obstructions, resulting in improved efficiency.

How to stop pigeons nesting under solar panels?

Bird Netting: This is a type of netting that can be placed over the solar panels to stop birds from landing or nesting on them.

What other pigeon proofing products are available?

1. Solar Panel Covers: These are specially designed covers for your solar panels that can protect against birds and other pests. They are made from a sturdy waterproof material and are available in a variety of colours.

2. Bird Spikes: These are metal spikes that are placed around the frame of the solar panel to deter birds from landing or nesting on them.

3. Electric Trackers: These are special trackers that detect the presence of birds and other animals and then activate an electrical current which deters them from the solar panels.

4. Motion-Activated Sprinklers: These are sprinklers that are activated by motion and then spray water to scare birds away.

5. Ultrasonic Devices: These devices emit a high frequency sound that birds cannot stand, deterring them away from the solar panels.

How much does it cost to pigeon proof solar panels?

The average cost of pigeon proofing solar panels in the UK is around £1,000. This cost will depend on the size of the solar panels and the type of pigeon proofing that is required.

Products such as bird spikes or netting may be cheaper than electric trackers or motion-activated sprinklers.

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