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Unleash Purr-fect Speed with ultra fast Cat 6 cabling installations

Get ready to release the full potential of your network

If you’re seeking a reliable and high-performance solution to enhance your internet connectivity, ultra fast CAT 6 cabling is for you.

Our team of experienced electricians are here to ensure that your network operates at its full potential, delivering lightning-fast speeds and a seamless online experience.

It’s time to unlock the true power of your network and embrace a world of enhanced connectivity. 

We can install CAT 5/6 cabling in business and home environments, all over Norfolk and Suffolk from…

  • Patch panels.
  • Additional data points installed.
  • Armoured data cabling installed to garden buildings/offices.


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Increase Speed

One of the primary benefits of Cat 5/6 cabling installations is the ability to support higher data transfer speeds and larger bandwidth capacity compared to older cable types. With Cat 5/6 cables, you can experience significantly faster network connections, enabling quicker file transfers, smoother video streaming, and improved overall network performance.

Enhanced Reliability

at 5/6 cables are designed to minimize interference and crosstalk, ensuring a stable and reliable network connection. These cables have tighter twists and improved insulation, which reduces the chances of signal degradation or data loss. As a result, you can enjoy consistent network performance, reduced latency, and a more reliable connection, especially for demanding applications such as online gaming or video conferencing.

Future Proofed

Cat 5/6 cabling installations offer a future-proof solution for your network infrastructure. These cables are capable of supporting higher network speeds and are compatible with emerging technologies and network equipment. By opting for Cat 5/6 cabling, you can ensure that your network is ready to handle the increasing demands of bandwidth-intensive applications and devices for years to come, eliminating the need for frequent upgrades or rewiring. It's a smart investment that provides long-term benefits and adaptability to evolving technology.

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