Is my house suitable for solar panels?

Not every house in the UK is suitable for solar panel installation. In order to maximise the return on what solar panels can provide, there are key questions to consider before installation.

Is my roof suitable for solar panels?

The condition of your roof is an important factor to consider before installing solar panels. It is recommended that you have a roof inspection carried out to ensure there isn’t roof damage which could affect the installation of solar panels.

It could be the ideal time to replace old/damaged tiles too!

Solar panels are most effective on diagonal roofs, but they can also be installed on flat roofs, which you can read more about here.

Fortunately, Foster Electrical will provide this roof inspection during the survey stage prior to installation. We’ll be able to tell you whether your roof is suitable for solar panel installation.

How many solar panels can fit on my roof?

The amount of solar panels you can fit on your roof should be considered. In order to receive the best return on solar panels, it is recommended that at least six-fourteen panels are installed depending on roof sizes. Below, the number of solar panels are based on average homes in the UK;

Is my house suitable for solar panels?

Foster Electrical will be able to ascertain how many solar panels you’ll require during the quotation stage of the solar panel installation.

Do solar panels work in the shade?

It goes without saying that the effectiveness of solar panels depends on the amount of sunlight your roof generally has during the day. Usually, it is advised that a predominantly south-facing roofs have the best solar panel results. But if your roof is covered by tall trees or other buildings, this will also effect the efficiency.

South-west or west facing roofs will see results in non-shaded areas.

If your roof generally catches the sunlight and is unshaded in the peak hours that sunlight occurs, thought to be between 9am-4pm, you should see good results from your solar panels.

Will my home need planning permission for solar panels?

The installation of solar panels and equipment on residential buildings and land may be ‘permitted development’ with no need to apply to the Local Planning Authority for planning permission. However, for listed buildings and shared properties, such as apartments, it is recommended to get clarification first from your Local Planning Authority. You can read more about solar panel planning permission here.

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