Solar Panel Wattage – Explained

In this short blog we’ll explain solar panel wattage and how this affects the output of solar panels, to give you the best value for money.

What is solar panel wattage?

Solar panel wattage is the output of energy that solar panels can produce from sunlight. The higher the wattage, the more the output of electricity it should be able to produce in optimal conditions.

Optimal conditions are direct sunlight, as even a small amount of shade can significantly reduce how much electricity it’s able to generate. The length of time that the solar panels receive sunlight is also greatly improved during summer months.

Solar Energy Wattage

What range of wattage do solar panels have?

The range of solar panel wattage is dependent on whether they are domestic or commercial solar panels. Domestic solar panels can be as low as 100w but it is strongly recommended that domestic solar panels are at least 300watts in order to receive a high enough output.

Foster Electrical typically install 375watt solar panels (paired with battery storage) to ensure optimal electricity generation from your solar panels.

Commercial solar panels, depending on the size of the building they are going on, can range from 400watts to 500watts solar panels.

How does this affect the number of solar panels I need?

Typically, the higher the wattage of a solar panel, the larger the solar panel is. On average, Foster Electrical install between eight-twelve 375watt solar panels for an average 3 bedroom home.

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