Solar Panel Cleaning – do solar panels need cleaning?

Why should solar panels be kept clean? Well, a clean solar panel could see the efficiency of your solar panels increase. If dust or dirt is to build up on your solar panels, this can prevent them from capturing sufficient sunlight.

Before cleaning your solar panels – remember!

If you cannot clean your solar panels safely, such as your roof is too high, steep or slippery to walk on, do not attempt to do so and instead hire a professional who has experience and the proper materials to do so.

Ensure to turn off your solar panels before you begin as there is a risk of electrocution with solar panel cabling

You should always check with your solar panel manufacturer to see if your solar panels can be cleaned, without breaking or impacting on your warranty

Solar panel cleaning tips

We highly recommended against using any abrasive tools or products in case this scratches the solar panel glass. More often than not, a water fed pole or garden hose combined with a soft sponge will clean your solar panels sufficiently.

It is important to remember solar panels can get hot during the day, so it is best to schedule your cleaning time at dawn, dusk or on an overcast day when the surface area of the solar panel will be relatively cool.

Avoid the use of detergents as this could leave streaky marks across your solar panels.

How often should solar panels be cleaned?

How often solar panels require cleaning depends on the area you live in, but most manufacturers recommend one-two times per year which could result in a 3-5% increase in solar panel efficiency.

How do self cleaning Solar Panels work?

Despite the majority of modern solar panels being ‘self cleaning’, it may still be beneficial for you to clean your solar panels manually. For example, if you live in an area which is particularly dusty, attracts birdlife or is close to woodland, the typical British weather doesn’t always wash your solar panels proficiently!

Self cleaning solar panels work by using a hydrophobic coating that stops water droplets from sticking to the surface, as the droplets roll off of the panels they can also take dirt and dust with them.

Self cleaning solar panels work best with solar panels that are angled at a larger degree, to ensure the dirt and dust slides off.

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